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In this podcast, Mel Telecican helps you navigate the myriad of ways individuals and business can leverage, productise and monetise knowledge and business data. Mel interviews guests about the obstacles, benefits and results experienced by people who have done it themselves for their own or other’s businesses. Monetising Knowledge the podcast, was born out of a need to discern the best approach to ‘work smarter and not harder’. To do that, Mel speaks with experts in their fields to talk about licensing IP, app development, video marketing for conversion, content marketing, online courses, pricing psychology, affiliate networks, media, podcasting, events/retreats/conferences, membership sites, masterminds, product development, speaking/pitching, webinars, audio books, quiz/diagnostic dev, blogging, vlogging, even software development.

2. Simon Knapp: Video content marketing

Video Content Marketing

In this episode we are joined by Simon Knapp, Cofounder and CEO from Pixmoto.  He is passionate about retail, a digital enthusiast and data lover.  Today Simon Knapp talks about video marketing as a tool for storytelling and sales.

In this episode we cover

  • The connection between ecommerce and analytic performance of experiences – time spent, user activity, tracking devices

  • How Pixmoto connects the eCommerce channel to digital video, so that customers can buy products while they’re watching their video online.

  • Importance of having both a customer and client focus in your video marketing

  • Why you should have competitors in your market

  • The importance of having a customer centric focus in storytelling

  • How Zara’s retail strategy of fast fashion is creating a fear of missing out and creating in store demand, and how numbers plus speed drive Zara’s core strategy

  • Why datas and numbers are the new digital currency and how they can show client a real metric on their return on investment

  • The challenges facing influencer marketing

  • The importance of putting out good content and learning to see what works

  • How video marketing is a long game.

  • The ideal length of videos and distribution across multiple platforms

  • How Pixmoto are creating native videos for publishers that allows readers to choose between video and the written word and the surprising results.

  • How to use data collected in making marketing decisions and analysing your return on investment

  • The importance of still having a human touch in your business to help build trust

  • How Simon works with an Advisory Board and the difference it has made in their business journey

  • Importance of having patience and belief in business

  • Understanding the marketplace holds all the answers

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1. Mel Telecican: Introduction to Monetising Knowledge the podcast

Welcome to the Monetising Knowledge Podcast hosted by Mel Telecican

Mel Telecican Monetising Knowledge comes from the acknowledgement that there are many feasible ways to reach a larger market and create additional revenue streams in business.

Repurposing or applying knowledge to create multiple touchpoints for our customers and our brands can be developed in countless ways.

Self-publishing, data mining, online courses, podcasting, publishing, software products, licensing, masterminds, video/social media series, quiz development, retreats, app development…the list goes on and on.

The Monetising Knowledge event and podcast will bring together a range of individuals who have either done it for themselves or help others leverage, productise and monetise their knowledge.

Guests will share their story, who was involved, what the outcomes were and what was learned as a result. We’re talking about the wins, the tips and the obstacles to avoid.

In this episode Mel Telecican will be covering the points listed below.

As the Founder and Director of two businesses, Mel Telecican knows that her business offers proven ways to leverage, productise and monetise – but they are not the only opportunities. The method needs to fit the business objectives and trajectory. As a business owner and as a speaker, it made sense for Mel to seek up-to-date proof rather than learning from older resources. So Mel now investigates all of the methods and shares them with other like-minded individuals through her podcast – Monetising Knowledge.

Topics that will be covered on this podcast will include:

  • Licensing IP
  • App Developers and how apps fit into your sales funnel
  • Systems and processes
  • Video Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Online Courses
  • Pricing psychology
  • Affiliate network specialists
  • Media and podcasting
  • Live events
  • Membership sites
  • Masterminds
  • Product Development
  • Communication and pitching
  • Webinars
  • Audiobooks
  • Online diagnostics tools/quizzes
  • Blogging/Vlogging
  • Software development

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