2. Simon Knapp: Video content marketing

Video Content Marketing

In this episode we are joined by Simon Knapp, Cofounder and CEO from Pixmoto.  He is passionate about retail, a digital enthusiast and data lover.  Today Simon Knapp talks about video marketing as a tool for storytelling and sales.

In this episode we cover

  • The connection between ecommerce and analytic performance of experiences – time spent, user activity, tracking devices

  • How Pixmoto connects the eCommerce channel to digital video, so that customers can buy products while they’re watching their video online.

  • Importance of having both a customer and client focus in your video marketing

  • Why you should have competitors in your market

  • The importance of having a customer centric focus in storytelling

  • How Zara’s retail strategy of fast fashion is creating a fear of missing out and creating in store demand, and how numbers plus speed drive Zara’s core strategy

  • Why datas and numbers are the new digital currency and how they can show client a real metric on their return on investment

  • The challenges facing influencer marketing

  • The importance of putting out good content and learning to see what works

  • How video marketing is a long game.

  • The ideal length of videos and distribution across multiple platforms

  • How Pixmoto are creating native videos for publishers that allows readers to choose between video and the written word and the surprising results.

  • How to use data collected in making marketing decisions and analysing your return on investment

  • The importance of still having a human touch in your business to help build trust

  • How Simon works with an Advisory Board and the difference it has made in their business journey

  • Importance of having patience and belief in business

  • Understanding the marketplace holds all the answers

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