31. Peter Burgess: Systemise and automate with software solutions

Systemise and automate with software solutions

In this episode, I talk to Peter Burgess who helps small to medium-sized enterprises systemise and automate their businesses.

Peter is the founder of Olivitek Software who specialise in custom software development, technical consultancy and data consultancy (BI and data visualization). As a software developer, Peter works out if businesses need a software solution built for them of if they could use an off-the-shelf product to meet their needs.


In this episode we cover:

  • The story of how Peter came into the software development business
  • His first tech gig at Nokia and how they worked on software
  • His journey from IBM to building his own company in Australia
  • Application or Solution Right Mapping and Roadmapping – Peter’s processes in creating software for his clients
  • Common off-the-shelves solutions that can be used and make an impact for marketing, sales, and schedules
  • Situations where custom systems and integrations may be needed
  • Systems and how they help you see information and statistics that can create dashboards to help you see data quickly
  • Why feedback from the market is important
  • Peter’s examples of changes and impacts in businesses because of the Roadmapping process
  • The benefits of Roadmapping
  • The importance of understanding the business motivation for a project
  • Return on Investments and timeframes to achieve it.


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