37. Anthony English: How to fix your pitch

Mel Telecican interviews Anthony English: In this show, Anthony shares examples of how individuals and business owners can create interest and intrigue in what they do, even when they consider it to be an area of work people know and understand (or may even find boring!). He specialises in helping technically/academically-minded people to effective communicate their value to prospective customers.

In this episode we cover:

  • The story of how Anthony started in tech sales communication.
  • Methods for introducing your business, career, or product through a unique pitch.
  • Real examples of standard business pitches and how they were improved to stand out.
  • How and why talking to people who will never be your clients can lead you to getting your ideal clients.
  • Anthony’s methodology to developing a memorable pitch
  • How to have effective sales conversations. 

Links mentioned in the podcast

Anthony English Website

Article on The Taxidermist

Follow Anthony on LinkedIn

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