35. Stevie Dillon: Monetising social media

Monetising social media with Stevie Dillon

In this episode Stevie Dillon, Director of Stevie Says Social, talks to us about the use of social media for service-based businesses. Stevie shares her ideas about turning advertisements into converted customers and the 4 areas that businesses need to consider to do this effectively.

In this episode we cover:

  • The story of how Stevie transitioned from being a lawyer to her business of social media marketing
  • How digital marketing targets your specific market
  • The reason why businesses need appealing and valuable content
  • 4 areas to consider in a business’ framework for unpacking their marketing approach
  • The importance of personal versus business branding
  • Why businesses need to identify their current and ideal clients
  • Stevie does a marketing case study
  • Key tips to make your business stand out


Links mentioned in the podcast

Stevie Says Social Website

Stevie Says Social Instagram

Download the 59 Methods to Monetize Your Knowledge

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