36. Adam Franklin: High-trust business marketing

Mel Telecican interviews Adam Franklin, co-founder of BlueWire Media, shares with us how they help clients build trust by identifying and integrating 3 important pillars in business.

In this episode we cover:

  • Adam shares their company’s marketing strategy
  • How their company evolved from being a digital marketing agency to becoming an education-based company specialising in high-trust, relationship-based businesses
  • The 3 pillars they use for clients and how it helps bring in high ticket sales
  • The importance of knowing where to post your content to engage and reach your clients
  • The types of content and formats you need to use in your posts to attract clients
  • Identify and learn how to distribute and package your assets
  • How to effectively use the primary business tool that allows you to interact with clients

Links mentioned in the podcast

Bluewire Media Website

Follow Adam on LinkedIn

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