32. Ale Wiecek: Design thinking for increased profitability

Design thinking for increased profitability with Ale Wiecek

In this episode, I talk to Ale Wiecek, founder of SqrOne and a Customer Experience Design Consultant and Design Thinking Specialist.

We talk about design thinking – the 5-stage process, implementing it in your business, and the do’s and don’ts of the approach. It allows businesses to create new products, services, and/or optimize their current offering.


In this episode we cover:

  • Ale’s work history and how she came to develop her own consulting firm
  • The case of businesses not being as customer-centric as they think
  • Process of design thinking and its importance for developing products and services
  • Explanations and examples of the 5 Stages
  • 1st stage: Empathy – understanding the customers, the 5 whys, conducting interviews or observations, identifying the characteristics of your market
  • 2nd stage: Define – looking at the data you’ve collected
  • 3rd Stage: Ideation – potential phase to solve problems, the importance of the mash-up idea by Ideo and some concrete examples to learn from, brainstorming with your team
  • 4th Stage: Prototype – prototyping your product, the different types of prototypes
  • 5th Stage: Testing – showing your client the product and getting feedback
  • The length of the design thinking process from start to finish
  • The Design Sprint Methodology by Jake Knapp
  • Power of getting someone external to do this process for your business


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