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In this podcast, Mel Telecican helps you navigate the myriad of ways individuals and business can leverage, productise and monetise knowledge and business data. Mel interviews guests about the obstacles, benefits and results experienced by people who have done it themselves for their own or other’s businesses. Monetising Knowledge the podcast, was born out of a need to discern the best approach to ‘work smarter and not harder’. To do that, Mel speaks with experts in their fields to talk about licensing IP, app development, video marketing for conversion, content marketing, online courses, pricing psychology, affiliate networks, media, podcasting, events/retreats/conferences, membership sites, masterminds, product development, speaking/pitching, webinars, audio books, quiz/diagnostic dev, blogging, vlogging, even software development.

4. Geoff Hetherington: Idea to execution + how to price

Idea to execution + how to price

In this episode we are joined by Geoff Hetherington the Clarity CEO who is a Global expert on attaining Business & Personal clarity.

Described as’ irreverent and insightful’ Geoff has a background as an internationally experienced senior executive with over 30 years’ spent as a CEO, General Manager, and Sales & Marketing Director across industries like: Retail, Pharmacy, Consumer Electronics, Fitness / Training, Not for Profits, Construction Supply & Telecommunications.

He launched the Telstra Next G network in non-urban Australia with the largest experiential marketing campaign ever undertaken in this country and spent 5 years in Indonesia running 5 companies with a half billion USD in sales.


In this episode we cover:

  • The first step to take in gaining clarity
  • Importance of doing initial research before launching your idea by using Amazon and Google
  • Getting your idea validated
  • Selling an idea before you make any sales
  • Identifying what assets and knowledges you have to create your own toolkit.
  • The best clients for any business of people who’ve become consciously incompetent
  • Why you need a value proposition strategy instead of just competing on price
  • Reverse price tiering and price psychology
  • Knowing ‘how much is enough’ for you and your lifestyle
  • Planning around event seasons in your industry to avoid buyer fatigue


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3. Tys Cobb: Video & leveraging events

Video & leveraging events

In this episode we are joined by Tys Cobb from businessDEPOT.  He is a B2B marketer, inbound marketing specialist, content marketing enthusiast, and Head of Marketing at businessDEPOT.

He has spent the last 9 years in marketing and advertising, and has helped implement brand awareness and product marketing initiatives for many Australian companies, most notably BOQ, Instant Scratch-Its, Microsoft, Network Ten and Ubisoft Games. Tys Cobb now specialises in Inbound Methodologies and digital marketing in the B2B space.

As Head of Marketing at businessDEPOT, Tys Cobb develops digital & content driven experiences for the business, increasing brand awareness, lead generation and client retention and advocacy.

In this episode we cover

  • How the collective at Business Depot uses
  • How they use their video marketing tactic ‘Blackboard Friday’ to educate and build trust with their audience.
  • Content marketing is a slow burn
  • Using call to actions in their content marketing
  • Increasing your marketing productivity through batching
  • Building top-of-mind awareness through content marketing and events
  • Creating a marketing ecosystem through events
  • The importance of showcasing your brand through your events
  • Importance of education and entertainment
  • Paid versus free events
  • Using live events as your sales funnel
  • The need to be strategic and consistent with your events
  • The role a good CRM and a segmented database in B2B marketing
  • Why the business owners and staff need to be in attendance at your live events
  • Why you need to have a business development mindset with your event marketing

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