3. Tys Cobb: Video & leveraging events

Video & leveraging events

In this episode we are joined by Tys Cobb from businessDEPOT.  He is a B2B marketer, inbound marketing specialist, content marketing enthusiast, and Head of Marketing at businessDEPOT.

He has spent the last 9 years in marketing and advertising, and has helped implement brand awareness and product marketing initiatives for many Australian companies, most notably BOQ, Instant Scratch-Its, Microsoft, Network Ten and Ubisoft Games. Tys Cobb now specialises in Inbound Methodologies and digital marketing in the B2B space.

As Head of Marketing at businessDEPOT, Tys Cobb develops digital & content driven experiences for the business, increasing brand awareness, lead generation and client retention and advocacy.

In this episode we cover

  • How the collective at Business Depot uses
  • How they use their video marketing tactic ‘Blackboard Friday’ to educate and build trust with their audience.
  • Content marketing is a slow burn
  • Using call to actions in their content marketing
  • Increasing your marketing productivity through batching
  • Building top-of-mind awareness through content marketing and events
  • Creating a marketing ecosystem through events
  • The importance of showcasing your brand through your events
  • Importance of education and entertainment
  • Paid versus free events
  • Using live events as your sales funnel
  • The need to be strategic and consistent with your events
  • The role a good CRM and a segmented database in B2B marketing
  • Why the business owners and staff need to be in attendance at your live events
  • Why you need to have a business development mindset with your event marketing

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