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In this podcast, Mel Telecican helps you navigate the myriad of ways individuals and business can leverage, productise and monetise knowledge and business data. Mel interviews guests about the obstacles, benefits and results experienced by people who have done it themselves for their own or other’s businesses. Monetising Knowledge the podcast, was born out of a need to discern the best approach to ‘work smarter and not harder’. To do that, Mel speaks with experts in their fields to talk about licensing IP, app development, video marketing for conversion, content marketing, online courses, pricing psychology, affiliate networks, media, podcasting, events/retreats/conferences, membership sites, masterminds, product development, speaking/pitching, webinars, audio books, quiz/diagnostic dev, blogging, vlogging, even software development.

20. Jay Fiset: Masterminds as a Business Model

Masterminds as a Business Model

In this episode, I interview Jay Fiset the Creator of Masterminds to Millions program that helps people to launch, fill and run successful masterminds.


In this episode we cover:

  • Why you need to be in a mastermind as well as leading a mastermind
  • The three things you need to consider when choosing a mastermind
  • When to measure ROI from a mastermind you are part of
  • How to approach a mastermind you want to be a part of
  • Knowing when you are ready to lead your own mastermind
  • Influence, celebrity and access –  the ingredients of when you need to consider leading your mastermind
  • Promise, position, structure and price – the key components of establishing a successful mastermind
  • The two reasons why masterminds don’t have successful launches
  • The ideal number of face-to-face interactions to create intimacy within your mastermind
  • The concept of a Commitment Day in the start of your mastermind
  • Setting parameters and frameworks for your mastermind
  • The three components that you need to run a long-term successful mastermind
  • The problem of too much content
  • Qualifying potential members for your mastermind
  • The Beta model conversation

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19. Mel Telecican: How to Avoid the New Year Business Slump

How to Avoid the New Year Business Slump

On another solo episode this week. I, Mel Telecican suggest five things you can be doing to make the most of this quieter time to set it up your business for a prosperous year ahead.


In this episode I cover:

  • Looking at new ways to build your email list
  • Why just a ‘newsletter’ doesn’t cut it anymore
  • Creating a valuable exchange for your opt-in
  • Avoiding barriers and making it easy for people to subscribe to your list
  • Creating short form opt-ins that are designed to solve a problem for your customer
  • Using this down-time in your business to connect with your existing clientele
  • Appealing to two different client bases.


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