8. Nathan Challen: Developing an app for business

Developing an app for business

In this episode we are talking about app development. Have you ever considered apps for your business? There are a whole range of apps out there that are quite useless. But we’re going to talk about how they can be quite valuable in the sales funnel as well as how apps can help with business efficiencies as well.

Nathan Challen from Envisage Apps talks about the process of getting apps developed and discusses the types of apps there are to leverage, productise and monetise our knowledge.

In this interview we cover:

  • Using apps to take business to another level
  • Why businesses are getting apps developed
  • Using apps to disrupt new and current businesses
  • The emerging technologies/data points available to apps through the smartphone
  • The importance of the win/win situation – business objectives and user experience
  • The types of apps and difference in pricing
  • What native means in app terminology
  • Examples of the apps developed by Envisage Apps
  • Insights to the dashboard about how data can be used in business
  • Why some apps get traction and others don’t
  • The importance of a good, clear user experience
  • Attracting new prospects at the top of the funnel
  • Marketing your app to find a new audience
  • Using Facebook to test your app and tweak features
  • The process of engaging an app developer
  • What obstacles stop people getting their App developed
  • Insights into choosing an App Developer (local or remote)
  • Nathan’s tips on app development
  • Getting into the App Store and Google Play


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