6. Jacqueline Nagle: Speaking for influence & impact

Speaking for influence & impact

Jacqueline Nagle In this episode we are joined by acclaimed speaker, trainer, business consultant and founder of Speakable You, Jacqueline Nagle.


In this interview we cover:

  • Why preparation is the key to good conversations
  • How learning to become a good speaker grew her company
  • How she became an accidental speaker and the impact she saw it immediately had on her business
  • The importance of training and crafting her speaking skills
  • The process of conversations that happen after the pitch
  • Learning how to ask the right questions after your presentations
  • How to build your keynotes as if you are speaking to just one person
  • The importance of bringing lived experiences and stories into your presentations
  • How to tailor your presentations to different audiences
  • Why you need to know and address your customer’s pain points in your presentations
  • Why you only need the right people to love you not 100% of the audience
  • Speak to share instead of speaking to sale
  • Be strategic in your speaking so you are delivering to decision makers are, not necessarily just your peers
  • Crafting your communications for when you have falls and failures as well as successes
  • Putting the elephant in the room in your conversations and presentations
  • Taking control of difficult conversations by powerful listening
  • The two obstacles that stop people becoming a powerful speaker
  • Knowing your character and style as a speaker


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