30. Dr Anthony Metivier: Direct response marketing

Direct response marketing with Dr Anthony Metivier

In this episode, I talk to Dr Anthony Metivier, book author and ambassador for Thinkific. We talk about marketing products effectively including his own product the Magnetic Memory Method.


In this episode we cover:

  • Experience and knowledge in leveraging IP where he has created an ecosystem that has helped a lot of people
  • How he stumbled upon memory teaching
  • The story and catalyst of how he started this kind of teaching
  • Explanation of how direct response marketing works
  • Books and social accounts as a passage that is pointing to a central hub and funnel
  • How he tracks communications to know what people have and haven’t done
  • The particular structure he uses for his emails and content
  • Dual Path Readership
  • Facebook vs. YouTube
  • Aware and unaware market
  • How he uses YouTube and creates engagement for his videos
  • Discussing selling pitches in videos
  • How to know how much free stuff to give
  • Why you want your competition to pay attention to you
  • Proprietary language used by Dr. Anthony


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