29. Sally Eberhardt: Effective networking

Effective networking with Sally Eberhardt

In this episode, I talk to Sally Eberhardt, author of the book Pain-free Networking for Introverts. We talk about pitching and long-term benefits of networking.


In this episode we cover:

  • Sally’s background and what made her decide to write a book about networking for introverts
  • Sally’s personal daunting feeling and dread of networking as an introvert
  • Key things for people both introverts and non-introverts about networking
  • Determining the right opportunities and events for networking
  • Networking by developing relationships
  • How to deal with people monopolizing your time during networking
  • Managing expectations during a networking function
  • Networking is about giving
  • The importance of having an elevator pitch and Sally’s own pitch
  • Tips to remember about setting yourself up before a networking event
  • Following up and keeping in touch
  • 3Rs – Recognize, Remember, Reward


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