26. Carrie Gurr: What the GDPR means for Australian Businesses

What the GDPR means for Australian Businesses

In this episode, I interview Carrie Gurr, Director at Taipan Group Ltd.

Taipan Group Ltd. provides advice and develops strategies to assess and mitigate cybersecurity risks to an organisation.


In this episode we cover:

  • What is the GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation in the EU
  • Effect of the GDPR to business owners in Australia
  • How to Minimize risk in data capturing for retailers and online business owners
  • Kinds and amount of data covered
  • Requiring and clearing consent from clients on the use of collected information
  • Different approaches to locating and dealing with your clients covered by the GDPR
  • Understanding the risk of a breach in your database
  • Principles of best practice in managing your data
  • The risks and consequences for businesses when they are breached
  • How creating risk profiles and performing end-to-end business data analysis can help identify and mitigate the risks of the business
  • Paid solutions and softwares storing customer data – are they safer?
  • Securing data through people, process, and technology
  • How prevention is better than cure when managing data solutions
  • Services offered by the Taipan Group in securing and protecting the data of their clients
  • What small businesses can do to secure and protect their data
  • Sharing ownership of the data within the organization
  • Australian compliance laws in data privacy like The Privacy Act of Australia and others
  • Looking at compliance as a best practice in handling information, managing data, and being a security-aware organization
  • Guide for businesses in budgeting for information security
  • Online payment processing websites like Stripe, Square, etc. – are they more protected than independent payment processing?
  • Checklist for business owners – 8 steps towards checking your compliance to GDPR


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