22. Dyan Burgess: Creating and publishing books

Creating and Publishing Books

In this episode I interview independent book publisher, author and illustrator Dyan Burgess.

Dyan has self-published a whopping 2 million words and currently produces a book per month.


In this episode we cover:

  • Why you should look at publishing your own books
  • Her journey to publishing her first book which then lead to her and her husband publishing over 100 children and business books
  • Some of the downfalls to consider when using a traditional book publisher
  • The connection that a physical book can still make with your audience
  • Idea generation for books and publications
  • How the initial focus of supporting and listening to existing clients helped to create a blog and then books for her husband Matthew’s law practice
  • How she manages to publish one book a month and how Bake a Business Book came about
  • Common obstacles that hold people back from publishing
  • Frameworks of putting your knowledge into a book format
  • How a book can help you to refocus and move forward in your business and career
  • The importance of knowing your why for writing a book
  • How to use links and QCodes in your book to connect with the audience and remain relevant
  • Opportunities that can arise from being a published author and the impact it can have on your personal brand awareness
  • The importance of getting feedback on book ideas and seeing how others use your content for new book and product ideas
  • Tips for marketing and leveraging your book
  • The power of webinars in book marketing and idea generation.


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