13. Glen Carlson: Product Development

Product Development

In this episode we are joined by Glen Carlson from Dent Global – a global business accelerator program. We’re talking about product development, product ecosystems and the ascending transaction model.


In this interview we cover:

  • The value in intellectual property (IP) and why it needs to be leveraged
  • When’s the right time to start leveraging IP
  • The first step in the process
  • Why you shouldn’t be afraid to share your IP and high value content
  • Remember not everyone is your ideal customer
  • The different types of IP
  • The importance of consistency in content creation
  • The reality of putting an idea out there to the world
  • Developing a set of brand principals
  • The different types of content and products and how they fit into a funnel
  • The importance of everything in the product ecosystem connecting
  • Create something free that people can watch, read, listen or do
  • Having a product for prospects
  • The importance of thinking how you can make your product better
  • How to create a complete solution that people want
  • The process of working out if your pricing is right
  • The journey of content marketing identifying the problem to the prize


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