11. Nicole Abboud: Video + podcasting for lawyers

Video + podcasting for lawyers

In this episode we chat to Nicole Abboud who hosts The Gen Why Lawyer podcast, based in the US.

Nicole is the founder of Abboud Media which is a modern video marketing and podcasting agency driving creativity in the legal profession with a focus on connecting lawyer + client.


In this interview we cover:

  • Taking a traditional industry and using edgy, modern marketing activities
  • Why there is a big interest in podcasting
  • Which podcast format is the most popular amongst Nicole’s lawyer clients
  • The preparation required for different formats
  • How to reach the target audience of your podcast
  • The importance of a good podcast title
  • Some elements of podcast SEO
  • Who in the organisation is best to deliver a branded podcast
  • The reality of starting out with video and podcasting a little nervous
  • The impact and results from video marketing and podcasting
  • Using a podcast as part of the sales funnel
  • Podcast distribution strategy
  • Best LinkedIn practices


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