9. Dan Norris: Content marketing on tap

Content marketing on tap with Dan Norris

In this episode we are joined by the serial entrepreneur Dan Norris to talk about how he has used just content to market and grow his businesses.

In this interview we cover:

  • His journey as a struggling entrepreneur to building a million dollar business and selling it to Go Daddy, writing four best-selling books,  building a six-figure mastermind business, and building the Black Hops Brewery, all in the last 4 years
  • The difference between running an online business and a physical multi-faceted Brewery
  • Understanding your weakness and hiring to accommodate those
  • Dealing with red tape delays and the importance of just taking action to start/open a business
  • How they used crowdfunding to launch a book and how it has created a new community around their brewery
  • The importance of traction rather than vanity metrics
  • How they have used a podcast to promote and document their start-up journey as new brewery owners
  • How content marketing helped scored a massive partnership for the launch of Call of Duty
  • How Dan only uses content to market his businesses and why he doesn’t obsess over data
  • How books can grow trust with your community
  • Why you need to start a business from your content or knowledge
  • How they are using Instagram and Instagram stories to grow
  • How Dan is getting a 40% open rate on his newsletter through targeted and relevant content
  • The importance of a segmented database for email marketing


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