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In this podcast, Mel Telecican helps you navigate the myriad of ways individuals and business can leverage, productise and monetise knowledge and business data. Mel interviews guests about the obstacles, benefits and results experienced by people who have done it themselves for their own or other’s businesses. Monetising Knowledge the podcast, was born out of a need to discern the best approach to ‘work smarter and not harder’. To do that, Mel speaks with experts in their fields to talk about licensing IP, app development, video marketing for conversion, content marketing, online courses, pricing psychology, affiliate networks, media, podcasting, events/retreats/conferences, membership sites, masterminds, product development, speaking/pitching, webinars, audio books, quiz/diagnostic dev, blogging, vlogging, even software development.

Mel Telecican

25. Mel Telecican: 12 Weeks To Get Your Course Online And Ready For Sale

12 Weeks To Get Your Course Online And Ready For Sale

In today’s solo episode, I, Mel Telecican will walk you through the exact process I use to help my clients shape their online course, get resources up and online and ready for sale and distribution in 12 weeks.


In this episode, we tackle the following

  • The exact steps that I go through when helping a client and how taking action help in the process
  • The importance of creating and making your sales page connect with the needs of your clients
  • The need for being clear and concise about identifying the outcome, who, what, and why’s of your course and how it can help you prepare the script to produce your content
  • Connecting with your viewers by tackling the issues/problems that affect them and presenting your solutions using their language
  • The advantage of enumerating your audience’s obstacles and giving concrete examples of the benefits they enjoyed from getting your course
  • The power of testimonials – why you need them and what you can do to improve them
  • An in-depth discussion on all other items to include in your sales page and how it helps the audience decide to purchase your course
  • How organizing the people involved in the production of your videos and having them strictly follow timeframes contribute to the success of the launch
  • Identifying the programs, software, services, and resources you’ll need
  • Why you need to invest in your output and enlist the services of professionals
  • Discussion on how to build your modules and identify gaps in the process
  • How to make and what to include in your sales video
  • Tips in preparing for the filming of your content
  • How to get leads and convert them to sales through an email series
  • What to do, review, re-check, test and correct before you launch the product
  • Why you need another person’s criticisms and thoughts on your content before you release it
  • The importance of sticking to a timeline.

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24. Jacob Aldridge: Creating Assets from Intellectual Property

Creating Assets from Intellectual Property

In this episode I talk with Jacob Aldridge from businessDEPOT about how he is helping small business owners to identify and develop products from their IP.

Over the past 12 years, more than 300 active growth businesses in Australia, the UK, and Asia-Pacific have worked with Jacob in his role as an international Business Coach, Partner and Advisor.

As Director of Advisory at businessDEPOT, Jacob Aldridge is working one-on-one with SME businesses and directors, while also leading the development of the Strategic Advisory services across Workshops, Group Programs, and Online business guidance.


In this episode we cover:

  • How professional service-based business can use technology to convert time and their knowledge into tools and products to grow and scale their offerings.
  • The time for money trap business owners fall into.
  • How Brandonian has used their owner’s IP as a way to train up their staff and develop a diagnostic tool as pre-qualifying lead generator.
  • Recognizing how valuable your knowledge and expertise is as IP that can be used to grow and scale your business.
  • The process of creating and documenting your IP.
  • How Business Depot’s new niche Real Estate Principal business coaching product Real Reach came about and the challenges faced in launching a collaborative based online training program.
  • The importance of ensuring there is a market for your product before create anything.
  • Why getting an external perspective is so important when trying to identify and monetise your IP.
  • The process of Blackboard Fridays, Business Depot’s weekly content marketing activity and how they repurpose that content across multiple platforms.


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