18. Mel Telecican: Is an online course right for you?

Is an online course right for you?

In this solo episode I, Mel Telecican talk about a subject that I (Mel Telecican) am passionate about and that is helping people to identify whether an online course is right for their business.

In this episode I cover:

  • Why an online course isn’t right for everyone
  • The importance of a good sales page when selling your course
  • Why an online course isn’t the best option if you are starting out and wanting to build credibility
  • Why a course is a good product offering for those that aren’t yet your ideal client
  • Using an online course to free up time and teach on a greater scale
  • Creating additional revenue streams
  • How courses can benefit thought leaders to reach audiences of scale
  • Tapping into a one-to-many business model
  • Broadening your target market through partnerships
  • Scaling your business through digital global distribution
  • Using evergreen content in your course
  • Creating a legacy through your online course
  • Seeing your online course as part of your overall business infrastructure


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