39. Simon Dell: The roadmap to marketing your product successfully

Simon Dell, Digital Marketer and Managing Director at simondell.com shares the four stage process he uses when planning to market a client’s product. We talk about the process involved in determining where the marketing budget is best spent and considerations to make before you decide on your marketing approach.

In this episode we cover:

  • The importance of a marketing budget to drive product sales
  • Ways to hone in on your target market
  • How your market receives information in varying ways & how to use it to your advantage
  • How to determine the marketing approach to have the best return on investment
  • Identification of ways to generate business – simple & complex
  • Availability of free tools like Google Analytics and it’s application
  • The danger of selecting one advertising channel
  • How to track marketing campaign effectiveness
  • The three areas of marketing Simon recommends businesses cover
  • Buyer cycles and why you need to know yours
  • The most commonly overlooked marketing opportunity in business
  • A useful approach to identify why people have bought from your competitors
  • The importance of contingency methods in customer touch points
  • An example of on-boarding processes that drive increased lead conversions
  • The key area that the majority of businesses overlook that can drive significant future business; and
  • The most powerful question you can ask your customers.

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