7. Martin Corr: Affiliate marketing unpacked

Affiliate marketing unpacked

In this episode we are joined by the co-founder of digital start-up agency Periscope Martin Corr.  

This new marketing business agency offers world class strategy, consulting, infrastructure and services to ecommerce businesses.


In this interview we cover:

  • What affiliate marketing is and isn’t
  • The three key stakeholders in an affiliate relationship and the roles they play
  • Why people are paying for leads and not just sales and conversion
  • The research you need to do when going into affiliate marketing
  • Identifying where the risk is in the affiliate relationship
  • Questions that you should be asking of the affiliate network when doing your research
  • Where to find affiliate networks that cater for professional services
  • How to deal with competition in your affiliate programs
  • How earnings per click works (EPC)
  • What affiliates are looking forward from the merchant to help drive your sales and traffic
  • Tips for building a relationship with your top affiliates
  • Different methods of ongoing management of your affiliate program
  • How creating a private affiliate program worked for SurfStitch
  • Obstacles to consider when starting a relationship with an affiliate network
  • The unnecessary concern over fake traffic
  • Identify potential fraudulent transactions
  • How Periscope works with e-commerce business to grow their online presence and sales

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