5. Danielle Lewis: Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing

In this episode we are joined by Danielle Lewis, the CEO and founder of Scrunch,  a marketing platform that connects brands with social influencers.  

Scrunch is a data-driven Influencer Marketing platform that enables brands and agencies to discover the right bloggers and social media Influencers.

Scrunch has one of the world’s largest Influencer databases with over 20 million profiles and billions of datapoints. The platform makes it easy to get the data you need about your Influencers, plus has some awesome CRM and outreach style functions to make managing your campaigns easy.


In this episode we cover:

  • What is influencer marketing
  • What protections are in place to make sure you get value from influencers
  • Why influencers are not just for the beauty and retail industries
  • Content and how to link to your sales and lead funnels
  • Examples of how brands use influencers through content creation, amplification and awareness, SEO and event marketing
  • How reach demands pricing levels for influencer marketing
  • Types of campaigns between brands and influencers and what works best
  • What type of access brands get to influence audiences
  • Disclosure of paid endorsements
  • Case studies of influencer campaigns for non – lifestyle brands
  • How influencer marketing fit into your overall marketing and sales funnels
  • What call to actions work best for B2B campaigns
  • Obstacles facing the influencer marketing industry
  • The importance of education in this industry and what the future holds
  • Data points to look at for influencer marketing

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