28. James Rose: Products and services – from idea to execution

Products and services – from idea to execution

In this episode, I interview James Rose, an engineer who brings ideas to life. We talk about how he successfully created 2 products that went into market, his new business Content Snare, and his experiences.


In this episode we cover:

  • The story of Silver Siphon, how it came to be from idea to selling it to an investment firm in Silicon Valley
  • The process of selling and investment
  • His 2nd business, Content Snare, and the services it offers
  • How the business and its services evolved
  • The launch of Content Snare and how it started
  • Grow Your Web Design Business Community
  • The growth of the business and building their email list
  • How SEO helped their business
  • The challenges they encountered in spreading the word about Content Snare
  • How they plan and their roadmap
  • Tips on pricing products


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