27. Georgia Thomas: Protecting Your Products and Services

Protecting Your Products and Services

In this episode, I interview Georgia Thomas, author of The Small Business Legal Toolkit, and we talk about protecting your business’ products and services.


In this episode we cover:

  • Georgia’s services for small businesses with a special focus on Intellectual Property
  • Coaches trademarking their product and program names and copywriting content
  • Testing where value lies before trademarking your program and identifying the level of protection you need
  • How trademarking classifications work and its cost
  • Georgia’s Legal Mapping Strategy Sessions for business owners and what it covers
  • Georgia’s book and her experience with businesses who have availed her services beyond the startup phase
  • The importance of Intellectual Property, licensing and how it works
  • Building an Asset bank and its use
  • Misconceptions about trademarks – its purpose, what they are and aren’t
  • How international trademarks work
  • Issues with tagging for key names or key terms with trademarks
  • Working with a lawyer you can connect with and who understands how your business runs


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