12. Tim Dwyer: When is the right time to monetise knowledge?

When is the right time to monetise knowledge?

In this episode we are joined by Tim Dwyer who talks to us about various ways to monetise knowledge.

Tim has over 20 years in business, and specialises in helping businesses strategically grow their assets, increase their business value, hone and leverage their capabilities.


In this interview we cover:

  • How the different business phases reflects how you monetise knowledge
  • The value of intellectual property (IP)
  • Process mapping
  • The different types of processes following the customer’s journey
  • Examples of effective onboarding processes
  • The importance of productising for service based businesses
  • Pricing and packaging information on websites
  • Exploring uniqueness and best asset to move a business forward
  • The illogical order of process mapping to build a sales strategy
  • The importance of clear brand messaging
  • How to Onboard at scale
  • The different methods to capture IP with impact
  • 5 layers of building capability within a business
  • Looking at different industries to see what they’re doing well and creating a simple model
  • Simpflying business rather than complicating it


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