10. Dr Emily Verstege: Online quiz & diagnostic tool development

Online quiz & diagnostic tool development

Dr Emily Verstege In this episode we are joined by Dr Emily Verstege about the untapped area of online diagnostics and quizzes for monetizing your knowledge and building a thought leader status.


In this interview we cover:

  • How she teaches influencers, experts, thought leaders to build diagnostic surveys to help build their profile
  • How diagnostic tools can help to create warm leads and increase your conversion rates
  • Using diagnostic tools on your website as a lead magnet
  • Shaping content and teachings to deliver relevant treatments and outcomes
  • How the power of personalised content can help gain great traction for prospects
  • Why you need to reverse engineer when building your diagnostic tool
  • How a family tragedy lead her to change your career
  • How the New York Times used a reader survey to get the most clicked on article in that year
  • How a bespoke marketing diagnostic tool has helped a personal branding expert to grow the speaking side of her business and how she uses that to customise her keynotes
  • Using a diagnostic tool to drive website traffic, captures leads, engagement on social media and be the connecting link between your offline  and online marketing
  • Using a diagnostic tool to segment your database and identify areas for new products
  • How to utilise the information gathered from a diagnostic tool to create a leveraged position and in turn assist in authoring a book
  • Measuring the return on investment on a creating a diagnostic tool


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